“Tradition of Excellence” has distinguished JJ Pearce High School for our 1st 50 years and provides a foundation for student achievement in all areas for the next 50 years. 


We honor the past and celebrate the future with a PHS 50th Anniversary fundraiser to provide academic and campus enhancements for the next generation of Pearce students. 


Your contributions will be used to transform the Pearce campus to continue the “Tradition of Excellence” in student achievement and enrich community connections.   Collegiate-style learning areas will be created across the PHS campus to provide innovative academic learning environments that will help shape and influence student achievement.  The school marquee will be updated to a computer-driven communication tool showcasing our students and PHS events.


The “Tradition of Excellence” that defines JJ Pearce High School as one of the top high schools in the nation continues to thrive.  Please consider your contribution as we complete our first 50 years and springboard to a Century of Excellence.