PTA In Action at Pearce

The JJP PTA is a very active group or parents, staff and students. We strive to help out across the school to reach as many students and staff as possible with our efforts. You may see us around the building doing things like filling the teachers lounge with treats, stocking the food pantry, running the Cane’s booth at Lunch on the Lawn, or collecting entries for the Reflections program.

Outside of the building, you might recognize us at the Mum Store, at the Clothes Closet or the Used Book Fair. The PTA works collaboratively with the various organizations, such as PEEF, to more efficiently support the needs at Pearce.

Four times a year, JJP PTA hosts meetings for the PTA members to help keep you informed of what is going on at the school. But we do so much more!

Did you know...

  • Teacher Appreciation provides fun and creative assortments of food and treats on a monthly basis for all faculty and staff, including a back to school luncheon and an end of year luncheon.

  • We offer four $1000 scholarships to seniors who are members of the PTA.

  • Volunteer Services assists you as a volunteer and the JJP PTA in logging volunteer hours. Volunteer hours are essential for our PTA.

  • Our Outreach Coordinator manages the food pantry supplies and donations and works with the JJP staff and current students to coordinate specific needs and deliveries.

  • The Mum Store team designs, produces and sells all Homecoming mums and garters to financially support the PTA budget and other Pearce organizations. They are supported by the many volunteers that help make and sell all the mums and garters!  Any group that volunteers at the Mum Store receives funds back to their respective groups.

  • The JJP PTA e-news is distributed every Monday during the school year. The e-news contains information on what is happening at JJ Pearce and within the surrounding community. You can receive the newsletter without joining the PTA but you must have a Membership Toolkit (MTK) account to do so.

  • We work with the JJP community to collect books for the RISD Council of PTAs Used Book Fair. JJP PTA collects 1,000s of books each year!

If you are interested in being part of the JJP PTA community, feel free to reach out to for more information or click here to join!