Mustang DADS is a service organization of fathers Dedicated to the Advancement, Development and Support of the J.J. Pearce High School students, faculty, and community. 


  • Organize, equip and mobilize father engagement at J.J. Pearce High School.
  • Positively influence our kids, school and community through the use of our talents, time and experience. 
  • Support existing school organizations and fill in gaps for unmet needs. 
  • Provide a centralized connection for fathers.

Who: Any dad or male guardian of a J.J. Pearce student may be a member. 

How To Become A Member: Email us at

Membership Fees: There is no fee to belong to the Mustang DADS. For a $25 donation, members will receive a Mustang DAD shirt. 

Formal Meetings: There will be at least two formal meetings during the school year along with several volunteer opportunities. The meeting at the start of the year is to provide information and a forum for communication. The final meeting of the school year, officers for the next school year will be elected.

Informal Gatherings: There may be informal gatherings organized by Mustang DADS to facilitate community and growth opportunities for members.

Service: Mustang DADS’ primary objective is to advance, develop and support the JJ Pearce High School community.  We will provide group and individual service opportunities.  Some service opportunities will require a one-time commitment while others will require long-term commitments.  We hope that all members serve when opportunities arise that match the member’s availability, experience and giftedness.


List of Activities:   

  • Career Fair: Mustang DADS visit freshmen classes to talk about their current jobs and career paths to help with future career planning.
  • Cookouts: Mustang DADS break out the grill often to help provide an affordable lunch for students at the school cookouts. Past school cookouts include Homecoming week and Lunch on the Lawn to celebrate the end of the school year.
  • Faculty Lunch: The DADS annually serve Pearce faculty a brisket lunch to thank them for all of their hard work with students.
  • Faculty Encouragement: Mustang DADS provided gift-card donations to encourage faculty team building during holiday celebrations.
  • Spring/Fall Sports Kickoffs: Mustang DADS often join the PABC to help kickoff the spring/fall sports seasons. DADS provide food for student-athletes and their families.
  • Student Celebration Events: Mustang DADS help fund and serve at various student celebrations like AVID banquets and Hispanic Heritage month.
  • Ad Hoc services: JJ Pearce student clubs submit various needs requests for volunteers or resources in support of their mission. Past activities include refereeing intramural sports, chili cookoff to support JJ Pearce choir, planning committees for education improvement initiatives, help with mum store, and support of PTA endeavors.
  • Mustang DADS Connections: Periodically there will be opportunities for Mustang DADS and their kids to connect with one another. This may be watching a game together or participation in the Mustang DADS annual March Madness tournament.
  • School presence: One of our primary goals is to offer JJ Pearce dads the opportunity to have presence on campus in order to be a positive influence on the JJ Pearce community. We continually look for ways to get dads involved in the school because they make a difference.