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The Mum Store is located in the NW Corner of Coit and Campbell near Natural Grocers.

7517 Campbell Rd., Suite 407, Dallas, TX 75248

***Homecoming 2017 Hours***


Sept 12th - Oct 19th (Tues - Thurs ONLY)

4:00pm - 8:30pm

Mondays - starting Oct 2nd!


Saturdays - 9/30, 10/4, & 10/14

12:00pm - 4:00pm

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Mum Store Volunteers:

The Mum Store is the largest PTA fundraiser and the persons in charge are responsible for creating the mums (and garters) that the students purchase to wear during Homecoming. But it takes a village to make 1000 mums and we need help!

PTA shares its profits with the JJP student organizations that provide this help. Parent Volunteers Needed!

  • The Mum Store is going to need donations of water, soft drinks, and snacks for the workers.
  • The Mum Store needs volunteers who can letter the students’ names on the Mums/Garters.
  • If you are interested in finishing, we are moving at a steady pace, but still need finishers.  This is still a great time to refresh or learn.  We’re usually there by 10am until the late afternoon, and then have another crew that comes in the evening.  If the door is locked, knock, or call 469-964-1069, and we will make an effort to accommodate you.

Check out the October 2014 issue of D Magazine and the story about Homecoming Mums featuring the Pearce Mum Store! dmagazine




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