Homecoming 101

1.Does my child have to have a date to participate?

Absolutely NOT!  We want everyone to feel a part of ALL the Freshman Activities.  We encourage boys and girls with or without dates to come.  Everyone is welcome and the purpose of the all-inclusive Freshman weekend is to make it easy for all to join in the festivities.


2.Who pays for what?

Your child will receive a Freshman Activity form (these activities include info and a calendar date for Mum/Garter exchange, a Friday night After Party post football game and a Saturday Homecoming dinner) and we suggest that each freshman (with or without a date) fill out a form and pay for themselves.  This lessens confusion and ensures that you have ordered and paid for everything your child wants to participate in.  If you have a son who has invited a date, you can plan out how the couple will fill out their individual forms-it is customary that boys pay for the tickets to the Dance and order a mum.  Girls purchase a garter for the boy.  A general rule is that often girls will pay for Friday activities (football game tickets and Freshman After Party ) and boys will pay for the Saturday Homecoming Dance dinner and tickets. There are no set rules-use this as a guide.  Talk to parents-do what works best!  Each child, whether couple or no, should turn in a form.


  1. Where is the mum store and what is it?

The mum store is a fundraiser within JJP that was begun years ago to avail kids the opportunity to buy mums without going to a florist.  It has amassed an enormous amount of funds over the years that go directly back proportionately to the JJP PTA, as well as the Pearce activities the kids are involved in.  The only funds that leave the system are those paid for supplies needed for mum-making.  The Mum Store is staffed 100% by parent volunteers.  It is located at the northwest corner of Coit and Campbell, down from Burger House and Marshalls.  It is typically open weekdays from 4 p.m.-8 p.m. the weeks before Homecoming (home football Fridays excluded).  There will be Saturday hours as well-look for info in eNews and eBlasts.  Salespeople will be able to aid you and your student in the selection and purchase of a mum or garter.  Parents, your help is always needed as the mum store as well!  No experience needed-on the job training available!


4.Why do we buy mums and garters?

Girls typically wear mums to school the Friday of Homecoming week and boys wear garters on their arms.  It is not necessary to have a date to the Homecoming dance to order/wear a mum.  Parents can order mums/garters for their kids-friends can order for friends.  There is no set protocol.  Typically, if a couple is going to the dance together, the boy will order a mum for the girl and the girl will order a garter for the boy.  They vary in cost depending on your selection of items to decorate.  Items are ordered in one visit and you will be contacted when ready to pick up in another visit.  Check or cash are encouraged and you will pay for the mum when ordering or, at a minimum, put down a deposit and pay the balance when picking up.  Please Note-several specific days will be designated as tax-free days-it is encouraged that you pick up your mum/garter on that day and save yourself the sales tax.


5.Are tickets to the Homecoming Dance included in the Freshman Activities?

No they are not.  Tickets to the actual dance are sold by Student Government.  Your child will hear announcements about this as the event gets closer.  The Student Council will sell tickets during lunch.  In the past, the tickets have been $25/each.  YOU MUST HAVE A TICKET TO THE DANCE TO GET IN!


6.Is transportation provided to any of the Freshman Activities?

No-transportation is not provided.  These activities are NOT school sponsored events.  We do recommend carpooling where it makes sense.


7.Can Freshmen bring students from other schools?

Yes they can.  However, there is a form that MUST be filled out and filed with the school.  Please have your child go to the office to get this form.  It must be signed by principals from BOTH schools and must be returned to the office 5 days in advance.  We do ask that any visitors also be freshmen.



8.Where is the actual Homecoming Dance?

The dance is held in the JJP Gym.  The freshmen will walk over together as a class AFTER dinner has concluded.


9.Who is catering the Freshman Dinner?



10.How is the Mum/Garter exchange going to work?

The freshmen will meet on Sunday, September 18 from 4-5 p.m. at Canyon Creek Country Club and there will be an overall, huge Freshman mum exchange. Again, this exchange is for ALL freshmen who would like to participate.

  1. Will there be refunds if my child changes their mind?
  2. No there will be no refunds given.

12.What do the boys wear?

Boys wear ‘dressy’ clothes.  Some will wear a suit and tie.  Some will wear a navy blazer, khaki pants and a tie.


13.What do the girls wear?

Girls wear ‘semi-formal’ dresses.  These are typically short dresses, not full length gowns.  But they should come in what makes them feel comfortable.


14.I’ve heard there are groups…what is that?

In the years to come, kids may form ‘groups’ for the Homecoming weekend.  Those groups can be fun, but the groups can also feel exclusive and cause unneeded drama.  In an effort to eliminate some of that, we have ALL Freshman activities organized.  Everyone is able to attend ALL of the activities as a class in an effort to not exclude anyone and it gives kids a chance to dip their toe into unknown territory in a more comfortable way.


15.Don’t forget!

School rules apply!  Staff and administrators will be on hand-the rules are the same for Homecoming as with all other school events.  No one wants to be sent home on this special night.  Please make sure your kids know that all events-from the fun Homecoming week activities to the game to the dance-all require good behavior and adherence to the school rules and regulations.


How do I help?

Please send an email to jjpmustangs2020@gmail.com


REMEMBER!  To summarize, there are three basic things to keep straight:


1)The freshman homecoming form for freshman only activities during homecoming weekend. Forms and money have to be turned in by 9.9.16.  There will be people available to take forms by cafeteria on Friday, 9.9.16 or forms and money can be dropped at 7610 Lairds Lane.


2)Homecoming tickets to purchase to the dance sponsored by Student Government-look for enews for more info on how/when to purchase.


3)Mum store to purchase a mum or garter.  Those have to be ordered by 9.10.16.


Your kids will also get all of the information they will need for Homecoming in their SOS classes and their Lifeguards are there in and out of class to answer any questions they might have.  This is to help you!  Encourage your kids to contact Lifeguards-that is their primary role-to help your Freshman navigate their Freshman year – Homecoming included!  Most importantly, encourage your student to participate!

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